Sunday, May 31, 2015

Simply Filling: Take 2! (Keys to Success and Daily Menu Ideas)

On Saturday, May 30, I recommitted to the Simply Filling technique again.  To be honest, I missed Simply Filling!  It is my favorite WW technique but I need to occasionally mix up my eating patterns. Since I have experience doing Simply Filling, I feel this is a natural part of my life.  My knowledge of the program has helped me stay on track even when I might not have in the past.  Hopefully, this information and advice helps you too!

My keys to success on SF:
1. Be prepared.
2. Have variety of power foods.
3. Allow myself to use points without guilt.
4. Continue being active.
5. Incorporate fruit and veggies into as many meals as possible.
6. Eat slower (to avoid overeating).

By following these keys, I find SF to be extremely successful for me.  I love the fact that I do not need to measure and weigh and point the power foods I am eating.  The flexibility I get with this program helps me to stay on track.  I have also found it is pretty easy to stay on track in many different situations.

Below you will see My Day One on Simply Filling:
Breakfast: Two eggs (over easy) with a Light English muffin, cucumber, and watermelon!
Lunch: Two brown rice sushi rolls.  Not everyone will consider this SF but all of the ingredients used are listed and all of them are considered power foods.  I make sure to get rolls with brown rice and with ingredients that are SF power foods!
Dinner: Flank steak, oven fries, corn on the cob, edamame, and sauerkraut.

These three meals are 100% simply filling!  I did eat some Oreos for dessert... but that's ok because that is why SF gives you 49 weeklies (plus Activity Points)!!!

Here are some Meal Plan Ideas:

B: Cheerios with skim milk and a banana
L: Grilled Chicken breast with brown rice and edamame
D: Lean Ground Beef Taco Salad
S: LF Yogurt, fruit

B: Two eggs with an english muffin and a side of watermelon and broccoli
L: Costco Turkey Burger over a salad with a yogurt
D: Flank steak with oven fries and roasted cauliflower
S: Cheerios, fruit

B: Yogurt with cheerios mixed in and a banana
L: SF Spaghetti with Meat Sauce 
D: Lean Ground Beef Burger with FF feta, onion, lettuce, tomato, on a Light english muffin
S: SF Oatmeal Cookies, Fruit, Popcorn

As you can see, some things will repeat each and every day (fruit/veggies).  The best part about SF is once your meals are prepped you are all set and ready to go!  It makes every day much easier.  Again, if you have any questions, just ask! I hope I am able to help! :D

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

We had another awesome Skype night topic!!! Amanda brought up the idea of having S.M.A.R.T. goals!  I love this idea.

As I look back on my goals from recent months, I feel that most of my goals have followed this plan.  From now on when I set goals, I will definitely think about this acronym.

Current Goals:
1. Workout 5-6x per week.
2. Drink 120 oz a day.
3. Keep increasing activity.
4. Hit 40 pounds down! (only 2 pounds away)
5. Complete C25K by the end of the summer!

I am pretty excited because my goals are all SMART approved and I have been so motivated to continue down this road.  Here we go!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Goals: I'm coming for ya...

This journey has me setting goals in all aspects of my life.  Currently, I have a few random goals which I am working towards.

Steph's Goals:
1. Complete C25K! 
I recently started running (more like interval walking/jogging) and I am so excited to be making the strides that I am.  I am also loving the way I feel when I get out and run!
2. Hit Onederland! 
I am almost 40 pounds down and I cannot wait to hit wonderland.  My concern isn't the actual number, it has to do with how I feel (physically) when I get to that point of my journey.
3. Have a baby!
Pretty self-explanatory.  My husband and I have been having some struggles in this department (including a miscarriage) and I would love to be a mom <3
4. Toughen up!
I am EXTREMELY sensitive.  I let little things bother me and it SUCKS!  I am working on letting things go and I am working on not taking everything personally.
5. Focus on what I am eating versus just worrying about eating points!
I have been doing a good job (for the most part) with losing weight and now I plan on focusing on eating the best I can. Instead of eating within my points but having Reese's and M&M's, I want to eat "real foods" that are all natural and delicious!

I'll keep you posted on how I do!

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SendTheLoveTeamSlim= Love!

I joined #wwsendtheloveteamslim in August 2014 and it was one of the best things that could have EVER happened to me.  I not only met wonderful people, I made best friends***!!!  One of my absolute favorite things about this group is that we all come from different parts of the country, we all have different stories, we all are at different points in our journey, and yet we all are here to give and receive support.

The support and love is unparalleled.  I never could have imagined meeting women who would become so near and dear to me via social media.  For all the ugly (on the inside), nasty, malicious, unsupportive people out there, there are loving, supportive, wonderful people too.

Our group is like a butterfly going through a transformation... We are a group of people who want to be successful and share in this journey together.  It's a beautiful process.  Each new member is adding something unique to our group and it's so much fun.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all!

***I HAVE to give a shout out to Allie... It is because of her that I am in this group and it is because of her that I have a new best friend!  Thanks Allie :-*

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yea, I'm struggling... But I'm still kicking butt!

Last night we had our weekly Skype meeting. I happened to be the leader. Whenever it's time for me to be the leader, I think long and hard about choosing a good topic. I happened to know that several girls (along with myself) have been struggling lately. With that in mind, I came up with the following topics: 

1) Those who are currently struggling say one positive thing you are doing.
2) What is the number one reason you are on this journey/what's fueling your fire?

This journey is hard. The struggle is real.  However, I have found that all of us are doing at least one thing right!! It's so easy to be negative when struggling. Instead of focusing on the negative, I thought it would be useful to celebrate what we are doing successfully!

Currently, I am really proud of the amount of activity I have been completing every day.  My food game has been off but my activity has been up!  Some others said that even when they were not making the best choices, they were still tracking every bite.  By thinking of what we are doing right, we all realized that we are definitely making good choices daily.  This journey is a rollercoaster, it isn't smooth sailing.

It's times like these, when we are struggling, that remaining positive is key.

The second part of Skype night involved what got us started/what is fueling our fire.  The reason this was a two parter is I started my weight loss journey for one reason and I now feel there is another force driving me to do better and better.  When I initially started this journey, my main goal was to lose weight to help get pregnant.  Now that I have suffered a miscarriage, lost weight, and still have been struggling with fertility, I decided to change my focus.  Now, I am working on getting healthy and active because I like the way it makes me feel.  Not only how I feel but the changes I see within myself (physically, emotionally, and mentally).

To those of us struggling right now, try not to let it bring you down.  Hurdles are thrown at us for a reason... this is all about how we handle the obstacles, overcome them, and move on.

Best wishes to all and I hope the struggle bus ride comes to an end shortly!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  
If I'm being totally honest, I've been struggling HARD!!! 
No, like REALLY HARD!!!  

This past Friday, I had a gain of 2 pounds.  That was after two weeks of some good losses... I hate when I get into a spot where I am yo-yo-ing.  My eating has been an issue for me since Spring Break.

I think there are several reasons for my struggles (emotionally and other).  All I know is I am DONE making excuses.  I know what needs to be done and now I just have to do it!

Here is my plan for getting back on track!!!!

1. Take this journey day by day.
2. Stop allowing a bad day to turn into a bad week.
4. Think before I eat... Am I eating because I'm hungry or because I am emotional?
5. Try to pre-plan my days so I do not binge or go over on points.
6. Work out every week day (aim to do 2 miles each morning and at least 1 after work) AND try to work out at least one day per weekend!

I know I can be successful because I've done it before.  I know what needs to be done and it will be done...  Here goes nothing.


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