Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yea, I'm struggling... But I'm still kicking butt!

Last night we had our weekly Skype meeting. I happened to be the leader. Whenever it's time for me to be the leader, I think long and hard about choosing a good topic. I happened to know that several girls (along with myself) have been struggling lately. With that in mind, I came up with the following topics: 

1) Those who are currently struggling say one positive thing you are doing.
2) What is the number one reason you are on this journey/what's fueling your fire?

This journey is hard. The struggle is real.  However, I have found that all of us are doing at least one thing right!! It's so easy to be negative when struggling. Instead of focusing on the negative, I thought it would be useful to celebrate what we are doing successfully!

Currently, I am really proud of the amount of activity I have been completing every day.  My food game has been off but my activity has been up!  Some others said that even when they were not making the best choices, they were still tracking every bite.  By thinking of what we are doing right, we all realized that we are definitely making good choices daily.  This journey is a rollercoaster, it isn't smooth sailing.

It's times like these, when we are struggling, that remaining positive is key.

The second part of Skype night involved what got us started/what is fueling our fire.  The reason this was a two parter is I started my weight loss journey for one reason and I now feel there is another force driving me to do better and better.  When I initially started this journey, my main goal was to lose weight to help get pregnant.  Now that I have suffered a miscarriage, lost weight, and still have been struggling with fertility, I decided to change my focus.  Now, I am working on getting healthy and active because I like the way it makes me feel.  Not only how I feel but the changes I see within myself (physically, emotionally, and mentally).

To those of us struggling right now, try not to let it bring you down.  Hurdles are thrown at us for a reason... this is all about how we handle the obstacles, overcome them, and move on.

Best wishes to all and I hope the struggle bus ride comes to an end shortly!

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