Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-post: Steph's Guide to Dining Out!

The struggle is real... It's not just you feeling that way... There are real-life obstacles that can take you out of the game at any moment. This journey is all about finding ways to make life work for you, not against you!

One of my biggest weight-loss struggles has been sticking to plan when going out for dinner (or any meal)!  Over time, I have learned what works best for me!

My tips:
1. Look at the menu:  Look at the menu beforehand and plan what you're going to eat. This allows you to plan ahead for points. 
2. Be vocal about your needs/desires:  Don't feel bad when your friend says "hey, let's go to Mama Tony's Italian Meatball Heaven" when you know that you do not want to eat that many points! Speak up and vocalize what will help you stay on track! 
3. Avoid the free goodies on the table: Stay away from the bread! If there's bread on the table, try to avoid it. Personally, that is a slippery slope for me to go right off track. 
4. Leftovers: Try to leave some food on your plate. Even better, try taking some home. It will feel good to have a doggie bag and you'll get two meals for the price of one!
5. Relax and enjoy: Allow yourself to enjoy! Don't feel guilty for choosing to go out. Life is about living. If you restrict yourself too much, you might lose control and have a hard time getting back!

I'm no expert... I'm just a person going through this journey and I am keeping track of what is working for me and what is helping me to be more successful! 

Hope you find this helpful!

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