Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-post: Non-scale Victories- 2/21/15

This time around with Weight Watchers, I've made it my mission to focus less on the scale and more about making the right choices (food and exercise)!!!

My newest #nsv has just echoed this sentiment. I went to the mall today with my husband to return jeans I purchased at Old Navy in December. It's not that I didn't think they fit... It was because I wanted a different style. I walked into the store and just grabbed three pairs of jeans in my normal size. We headed over to the dressing room and one pair after the other was TOO big! It was such an amazing and thrilling feeling. 

The fitting room attendant went and got me the size smaller and to my surprise, all three fit (perfectly, not tight)!  The joy I felt was more sincere and moving than seeing the number change on the scale (even though seeing the number go down never hurts). 

Here's me, in the changing room, with the smaller size jeans! 

I'm so excited and cannot wait to keep going on this journey!!! 

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