Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-post: Skype Topic: Binge Eating-2/18/15

I've taken some time since our Skype session last night to think about the topic... Binge eating! 

I can't say that it's something that I deal with daily but I could say on a weekly basis, the temptation or feeling of a binge is looming! Since recommitting myself to WW and since becoming a member of Team Slim, I have found my desire to binge becoming less frequent. I literally used to go to the BK drive-thru two times a week, order a whole meal, go home, eat it, light a candle, and then proceed to eat dinner normally. It feels good to admit that but I still feel embarrassed by it because it shows my lack of willpower. 

Lately, if I binge, it's been with better choices (instead of fast food its a few pieces of chocolate)! I think I'm on the path to recovery. The biggest thing I've gained from thinking about this: don't make myself feel guilty after the binge is over. It is what it is... It's done. Don't let it ruin my day or week!!! 

I continue looking forward to making progress in all areas of my struggle! I am hopeful it will help me on this journey! I am so grateful that I'm not alone on this long process!! 

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