Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-post: I strongly Dislike Valentine's Day- 2/14/15

I strongly dislike Valentine's Day.

There, I said it...

I'm happily married and just find this Hallmark holiday dumb.  It makes people who are single sad and it makes people who are unhappily together feel pressured to pretend they care.  If my husband can't show me throughout the year that he loves me, it means NOTHING on February 14th!!!

To people who are single, don't let TODAY get you down.  It's a made up holiday meant for people to spend money.

To people who are in relationships, don't let today give you unnecessary stress.  Just love your partner the way you should every day.

I for one, don't care about this crap!  And no, I've never had anything terrible happen to me on this day (which has left me bitter).  I just really hate when people feel pressured into things because its what everyone else does.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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