Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-post: Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Every Sunday since starting Simply Filling, my husband and I have meal planned for the entire week! I truly believe this has helped us both as we continue on this journey to health and well-being!

It helps to have each other because even though my #wwsendtheloveteamslim girls are AMAZING, if I didn't have support at home, it would make this much harder. 

Here's what we prepared today: 

Anthony made a cream of mushroom beef, veggies, and rice casserole. 

I made Shredded Greek Chicken and put 1/4 oz feta, broccoli, and brown rice on the side!

We will both eat these meals for a combination of lunches and dinners (alternating) depending on what we have going on any given day!

This week's goals: treadmill five days (can't Friday but will walk on Saturday) and I will attempt to hit 10,000 steps Monday through Saturday!!!

Here's goes nothing. Good luck to everyone else!!!


  1. I honestly wish my husband would get on board with eating healthier. Not only to help me, but to help himself. He is such a meat and potatoes fan and I always worry about him as we get older.

    As for the steps...I can't seem to get more than 7500...but it doesn't help that I have to sit at my desk ALL.DAY.LONG.

    1. First off, I understand you wanting him around for a long time... You guys look SO cute together. There are different ways you could do (choose leaner ground beef, have steak cuts like flank) that would allow him to still love what he's eating but it would just be a tad bit healthier...

      Also, 7500 steps is great! ESP because you sit at a desk all day. That tells me that when you aren't at work, you're moving and shaking... Keep up the amazing work!