Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bullies on Instagram?!

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of blogs lately! (I was sick with a stomach bug and happened to lose FIVE POUNDS... Hoping to at least maintain when I weigh in on Friday (if not lose) but trying not to get too obsessed with it.)

So, I am back to points and I have been eating some things that I would NOT be able to on Simply Filling.  Earlier today, I posted my lunch which consisted of a chicken salad wrap and some baked Cheetos.  (total of 9 points).  A few hours later, I was notified by a follower that the IG account Prisondiet felt the need to mock my picture and talk about how unhealthy this meal was.  Seeing this really pissed me off for several reasons:

a) I do NOT post my food for anyone's benefit but my own. (However, if people get ideas from my posts YAYYY but I do NOT post for anyone's approval)

b) IG has been a way for me to get support during this journey.  It is NOT for people to tear me down.

c) People need to get a hobby if they dedicate their time to making fun of other people.

This whole ordeal really upset me because it was rude and disrespectful.  However, the more and more I think about it, the better I feel about myself.  If these people need to bring other people down, they have more issues than I do!  I actually feel sorry that they need to make fun of other people instead of doing something constructive with their time.

The moral of this story for me: Do not let other people (especially ignorant and disrespectful people) bring me down.  I use IG for motivation and support... Not for criticism and negativity.  I REFUSE to let other people get in my way!

If the same thing happens to you, do what I am doing.. Brush it off, let it go and realize you are in this for you... NOT THEM!

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  1. Amen to that! I can't believe their account hasn't been deleted yet. I mean, they are after all, STEALING people's photos.

    1. It's seriously such a shame that people feel the need to tear other people down. Do I know that Cheetos aren't the best thing for me to eat? YES... Is it up to strangers to mock me for eating them? NO!

      Thanks for the support :-*

  2. I check their page almost daily to see if I'm on it... And 1/2 of the stuff on there I'm like yum. Probably some 14 year old kid having a great time picking on grownups. For every 1 IG bully, there are 1,000 AMAZING and supportive IGers. Glad you don't let them get you down!

    1. You're right about that.. There is more support than bullying! It's just a shame that people are allowed to be so mean...

      I'm always here to support you Brandy! :-*