Sunday, March 22, 2015

Re-post: Simply Filling so far 2/2/15

Today is day #11 of Simply Filling!  First and foremost, I have to say that I LOVE IT!  I have found great success with it and I am really filling fulfilled.

What I love about Simply Filling:
1. I love the food that I am eating.
2. I love the choices I have been making on my own!
3. I love only eating when I'm really hungry and knowing when to stop!

What I am still working on with Simply Filling:
1. Variety- I have yet to have a wide variety of meal ideas.  I know this will change in time.

I know I don't have too much information yet but you can see that I am really enjoying Simply Filling.

Week #1- I lost 4.4 pounds*

*I look forward to continuing this journey and seeing the successes I will have with it.

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