Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To whole30 or not to whole30... THAT is the question!

To whole30 or not to whole30... that is the question!

Last night during Skype, I mentioned the idea of doing whole30... This may sound drastic to some (or all including me) because it makes you eliminate sugars, grains, dairy, and alcohol!  The reason I was considering it is because whole30 is something I have wanted to try for over a year and I felt like I might be at a place with enough willpower to succeed.  Additionally, there are several main reasons I wanted to give whole30 a try!

The reasons I want to do whole30 are: 
1) To challenge myself physically, emotionally, mentally.
2) To change the way I view and use food. (Not turning to it as an emotional crutch, not abusing it)
3) To cut out unnecessary sugars.
4) To pick good, healthy, natural foods (without worrying about high point values).
5) To remove processed foods from my life.
6) To take a break from the pressures of the scale and learn how to REALLY listen to what my body needs.

After discussing this decision with my bffl Allie​, I have come to the decision to not do whole30.  As she put it, "If what you're doing is working for you, why change it?"  

Instead of taking this major leap into whole30 I will go back to my true love, Simply Filling.  I will try to accomplish the same goals I listed above... but instead of whole30, I will go about it in a less restrictive and more familiar (and awesome) way.

My Simply Filling Month-long plan: 
1) Limit bread, pastas, grains, carbs. (Allowed to eat them, just try to cut down)
2) Limit added sugars (buying some Larabars and other whole30 approved items that do not have added sugar)  (Stick to fruits and natural sugars instead).
3) NO ALCOHOL for 30 days. (Did this during Lent and it really helped me!)
4) No weighing in for the month of SF. (Stop worrying about the numbers and just pay attention to the journey and how I'm feeling)
5) Eat only when I'm truly hungry. (Try to limit snacking and break old patterns/behavior)

Simply Filling is a plan I love and a plan I can stick to.  Weight Watchers hasn't let me down yet and I plan to keep it that way!  Here's to my month of Simply Filling (starting April 17)... I will OBVIOUSLY keep you posted!

*Thanks to Allie and Bridgette, for helping me find my way on this crazy, complicated, up and down journey.  You girls helped me to think about my goals and to evaluate the best way to do that at this point in my journey!

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  1. Love your plan! And I love Allie's point. Why mess with what's working! Keep up the good work!

  2. Last night was full of great points and conversation. While I could never completely cut out pasta/bread/dairy, Simply Filling is something that I've been considering. And I LOVE that everyone was able to discuss the good and bad parts of switching from what is working, without anyone getting upset with one another. As women, we tend to let our feelings get the best of us (I know I do), and it's great to be a part of a group of women who can be honest and truthful with one another, while still being supportive!

    Now that I'm done with a mile long comment, I do want to know more about SF! :D