Thursday, April 9, 2015

Simply Filling, Counting Points, and Wendie Plan... OH MY!

I LOVE Weight Watchers!

I just wanted to throw that out there before I write anything else.  I love the flexibility of the program... I love the way WW isn't a diet but instead a lifestyle... I love the community and support I have found thanks to WW!

With those things said, I have experience doing Simply Filling (I refer to it as SF) and counting points.  The Wendie Plan is a technique used to split up weeklies amongst your week.  People often resort to the Wendie Plan when they are at a plateau.

Here are the pros and cons of Simply Filling and Counting (in my opinion).

Simply Filling:
1. SF promotes healthy eating.
2. No counting or measuring of Power Foods necessary.
3. Teaches you to listen to what your body needs.
4. Teaches you to know when you're full.
5. Gives you 49 weeklies which can be used on foods not considered SF.
6. Requires more prep but this prep leads to an easier week overall-->Lunches for the week are ready on Sunday.
7. Get more energy, better skin, better sleep.

1. Takes time to meal prep and prepare for your week.
2. Certain things (fat free cheese) are considered SF but IMO they are gross whereas things like avocado (which are amazing) are not considered SF.

Counting Points:
1. Freedom to eat anything you want (in moderation).
2. Fruits and vegetables (for the most part) are 0 points which makes it very easy to incorporate them into meals.
3. Can literally stay on track in any situation.
4. Less prep required.

1. Nothing is off limits -->Sometimes the best choices are not made... this can be an issue for me.
2. Supposed to use all of my points daily -->I have had days where I was not very hungry but I would just eat points to eat them, instead of eating because I was hungry.

In my opinion...



Although I have the same number of cons for both SF and counting,  Simply Filling is my preferred technique of choice!  I had a wonderful experience while doing SF and I cannot wait to start it again.  Occasionally, I like to mix things up and go back to counting points but I know SF is the best technique for me at this point in my journey.

If you have questions, please comment below.  I am by no means an expert but I truly love following the SF plan and have done a lot of work to be as successful as I can be!

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  1. I like how you really put some thought into all this! SF is the winner!!!!

  2. Day One and I will agree, prep is key....but I love that I can eat when I'm hungry.