Saturday, April 25, 2015

My (sometimes) Dreaded Weigh In Day!

My Weight Watchers membership is the online version.  This option gives me the flexibility to weigh in on any day and at any time.  I have chosen to weigh in on Friday mornings at my house.  In the past, I had different weigh-in days and I have found Friday to be the most effective and beneficial in my life.

In November of 2013, when I re-started WW, I was going to the meetings and the meeting I chose was a Saturday (9 a.m.) meeting.  My leader was amazing... In fact, we still keep in touch via Facebook.  The things she said, the tips she provided, and the support she gave was the best I've ever experienced with WW.  So many of the things she said registered with me and I continue to carry these ideas with me today.

With all of these positive things said, I had to stop going to meetings for two reasons.

1. $50/month was more than I could afford at the time.  
2. I was missing opportunities to hang out with friends on Friday nights because I was too afraid of the damage it would do for me on Saturday mornings.  

Now that may sound like an excuse... "I couldn't go out drinking with my friends... wahhhh wahhhh wahhh!" But, I was 27 and wanted to be able to go out with friends and not feel guilty or worried about weigh-in the next morning.  I would not go out Friday and Saturday night because it was not financially doable and because I would not want to be that off track.  With those two factors considered, I decided to switch to an online WW membership and I changed my weigh-in day to Friday.  I have never regretted this decision.  Have there ever been weekends when I had a few off days? Yes!  Have I been able to regain control for the rest of the week and still had success on my Friday weigh-in? Absolutely!  I love my weigh-in day and ritual...I have a pretty specific ritual when it comes to weighing in and it has helped me.

After I weigh-in, I track my weight on the WW app and I go about my day.  I am blessed to have an amazing support system with my #wwsendtheloveteamslim ladies.  I know that if I'm struggling, I have a network of people who will help me get back on track.  The WW online membership is the perfect one for me because of the support I receive daily.

Different days work for different people... Fridays just work for me!

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