Saturday, March 28, 2015

Post-Reveal Feelings and Reaction

So I bit the bullet and shared my blog with everyone on my Facebook!!!

I have to say that the support was overwhelming.  There are a few people that I was SOOO shocked to hear from regarding my journey (shocked in a good way!).  On the other hand there were a few people I had hoped would share in my joy and success who have not.  It was a risk that was worth taking!

As I reflect on the last (less than) 24 hours, I am more motivated than ever to succeed.  I know I have so many wonderful people on my team.. Supporting me and wanting me to succeed!  This afternoon, I decided to do my typical treadmill workout.  I once again shortened my three mile time!  The progress is showing me that little changes make a major change.

Even though I gave up going out to eat for Lent, I am going out tonight with my Gerbasio family.  (My  dinner will only consist of an entree... No appetizers/bread/dessert for this girl... ) Anthony took a full body shot of me in my new shirt.  I am pleased to say I didn't hate it.  Surprisingly, I kinda like it!

Although I am happy with this picture I am NO WHERE near where I want to be BUT I am on my way to getting there!  I can see that my hard work and determination is paying off.  It's adding fuel to my fire and pushing me to do more to succeed.

And of course, I had to take a selfie! (Just got my hair done!!!)  There is NO shame in my game!

Happy and healthy Saturday everyone!  I will be posting about my meal tonight.
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  1. It's so rewarding to get support from people who you never thought would give it. I have been shocked by the support and encouragement I have gotten from many people. Congrats on your workouts and your hair looks GREAT!

    1. Thank you Trista!!! Glad you have received so much encouragement and support!!